Info Coronavirus : Domaine du Golf Fabregues


Info Coronavirus : Domaine du Golf Fabregues

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Dear customers of the Domaine du Golf,

We are all facing today a totally new and particularly complex period to live and organize.

Anxious to ensure your safety and that of our personnel, to protect the health of each and to respect the decisions and advice which are transmitted to us by the French Government, our responsibility imposed the closure to tourist stays of our Domaine du Golf resort. This closure applies for the moment until April 10 or 17, 2020 depending on the announcements made by the government.

To answer your questions and your fears, our team remains mobilized and we refer you to the following link from our partner Ateya: on which you will find useful information and answers to your questions.

However, we remain available at this address: to answer all your questions, which we will try to deal with diligence, despite the complexity of organizing the work.

Because of the confinement imposed on us all, which we as responsible citizens must respect at all costs in order to preserve our loved ones and anyone who requires it, your stays are obviously impracticable.

For those of you who wish to cancel a stay not affected by the current closing period, we thank you for referring to our general conditions of sale, which remain applicable. Remember that your means of payment offer cancellation conditions, as do your personal insurance or of course the cancellation insurance that you were able to take out at the time of your reservation.

Our team remains mobilized to prepare your welcome as soon as the situation allows.

Until then take care of yourself and your family.

SAS Du Domaine Golf and its representative Ateya both thank you for your understanding and guarantee you their energy to manage this situation as well as possible and provide you with the best service in managing this crisis and your requests.

Please accept, dear customers, our most sincere greetings.

On behalf of the SAS Owners Golf domain