Dernières News


Since july 4, the snack team welcomes you in the pool area in the morning, for lunch and  diner.

The bakery/viennoiseries corner opens every morning at 8:00.

For lunch and diner a selection of menus will be proposed including the essential pizzas.

3 themes evenings will promote the local products in the day’s menus.

Enjoy !!!

Shutters painted in  ‘ gris bouleau’

The painting of all shutters, doors is completed as of beginning 2020.

It gives the resort a touch of freshness and also of course protects the woodwork from the weather wear.

Congrats to all owners who have invested a bit of the vacation time for helping out !!!!



Since June 2019, our resort is in  renovation phase. The style of housing has been completely redesigned according to current trends with more modern, warmer interiors created by interior designers.
From now on you can enjoy all new interior and exterior furniture (sofas, TV cabinet, indoor / outdoor dining tables, sideboard, coffee table, indoor / outdoor chairs).
The kitchens have been refurbished with replacement and addition of facades as well as refreshed bathrooms.
The interior walls have been repainted in warmer tones. Numerous decorating, storage and lighting accessories have also found their place in this project.
The total renovation of the residence is planned for the beginning of the 2020 season.
We expect you to enjoy our renovated homes.

Kitchen island


Mini Kitchen
Dining Table
TV corner

Dining room stair view
Shutters painted